Portsmouth dockyard

Discover the rich history of the Portsmouth Dockyard and its significance in naval warfare. Get a glimpse into the past and learn about the iconic ships that have sailed from this historic port.
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From muddy creek to naval-industrial powerhouse; from constructing wooden walls to building Dreadnoughts; from maintaining King John’s galleys to servicing the enormous new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers: this is the story of Portsmouth Dockyard. Respected maritime historian Paul Brown’s unique 800-year history of what was once the largest industrial organisation in the world is a […]

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Railway workings on Portsea Island were once fascinating to watch. At one time we had the line to East Southsea; the Portsmouth gasworks railway; the Hilsea industrial lines; the line across the viaduct to South Railway Jetty and, perhaps the most noticeable as it passed in front of passengers, was the old branch line to the dockyard.

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This year has been whisking me away to the coast time and time again! From a recent press trip to Southampton, to my family holiday in Littlehampton and now, a trip to Portsmouth! I was kindly offered the chance to discover Portsmouth as part of a press trip to the Mary Rose Museum. I of course took the opportunity to also create lots of lovely Instagram content and put together this blog post for all you snappy insta-lovers, who would also like to find some seriously cool backgrounds! Make…

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