Porsche 930 turbo

Discover the power and luxury of the iconic Porsche 930 Turbo. Learn about its history, specifications, and find out why this is a must-have car for any enthusiast. Get ready to experience the thrill of driving a true legend.
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1976 Porsche 930 F6 3.0L Manual 4 Speed Black for sale

1976 Porsche 930 Turbo Incredible low miles! This very rare Porsche is One of only 530 units made for the US market in 1976. It is documented with the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, the original books, and a binder full of receipts. Truly a collector’s dream! The 1976 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera featured here is...

Corin Hovenden
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Porsche 930 Turbo (1975) - UE4 Path Tracing, David Baylis

Some more experiments with UE 4.27 Path Tracing, featuring the awesome 1975 Porsche 930 by Karol Miklas. Modified the model a little, and integrated into Unreal to test the path tracing capabilities in Unreal. The previous artwork was using raytracing and I wanted to bring the widowmaker back and have some more fun, this time using the path tracer renderer to bring out the details ! CG Parking lot made with Quixel Megascans textures. HDRI by CGI Backgrounds

Nicolaus Ardhito