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Explore a wide range of creative and colorful pony bead crafts and jewelry ideas. Get inspired to make unique accessories and decorative items using pony beads.
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https://youtu.be/lVFn0ucpdSQ Use a simple threading technique and pony beads to make a lizard keychain! Hang it on your backpack, in your room, or as a keychain for your library card. Pick up a craft kit in the Youth Services Department or at the drive-up window, available while supplies last. Recommended for ages 6 and up. In this

Monika Bzowa
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#AD | I made a giant pony bead lizard 🦎based off the 90’s craft and taking inspiration from the work of the ceramist, Jeff Rubio! This project is so nostalgic, both from the concept, and also getting...

Melissa Gregory
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This craft reminds me of sleepovers with my friends and those lizard keychains we used to make out of beads. It also reminds me of those sweatband cuffs everyone was wearing when I was in high school. Why? Were our wrists sweaty? Supplies: Pony Beads Embroidery Floss, or Stretchy Thread Scissors Tape (optional) Step One: Prep your string. Always cut more than you need because you can trim it off easily. For this craft, you will only need 2 strings. I would cut at least 2 feet of each. Tie…

Sarah Mathis

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