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Get started with polymer clay crafting using these easy and fun recipes. Discover step-by-step instructions and create beautiful jewelry, home decor, and more.
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Learning how to make clay is so easy! This homemade clay recipe uses simple ingredients you probably have in your kitchen already, and it's so nice to work with! How to Make Clay - Only 3 Ingredients! Air dry clay is so easy and so inexpensive to make! Why spend tons of money on store bought clay, when learning how to make clay at home is so much cheaper and so much fun?! We tested a few different clay recipes and this one was the BEST! And you only need 3 ingredients - water, cornstarch…

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At different points over the last few years I've played around with different kinds of homemade "clay." My favorite is a polymer clay also known as cold porcelain. Its main ingredients are cornstarch and white PVA or Elmer's glue. I like it because it's smooth and a little bit elastic to w

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There are four ways I got from web to make Clay at home (Cold Porcelien ). NB : This is not Polymer Clay Method 1 Use this recipe for a homemade version of polymer clay. This clay behaves in much the same way as commercial polymer clay but it might shrink more. It can shrink up to 30% by weight, not in size. Be aware of this when working on projects.You may want to build your project a bit bigger so that when it shrinks it will be the correct size. Pour ¾ cup of glue and 1 cup cornstarch…

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One of the problems that can happen with polymer clay, well, actually about any hobby is the need to keep track of your own custom colors. With polymer clay the following problems can arise. What color is the baked clay? (sometimes it is very different from the unbaked clay.) What colors were used to make a new color? What were the proportions used? What does the mix look like? What does the baked mix look like? What are the differences in the brands of clay? How do the different clays…

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