Plywood coffee table

Upgrade your living room with a unique and stylish plywood coffee table. Discover top ideas to add a modern touch to your space and create a cozy atmosphere for gatherings.
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Simple Plywood Screwed-Up Coffee Table: This simple, sturdy plywood coffee table is easy to build and can be put together from parts you can have cut at the DIY store. It only requires some basic tools. This project actually started with me wanting to build a chair for myself, however I …

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A coffee table is a helpful addition to any living room. Whether you’ll use your coffee table as a place to do a puzzle, corral remotes and game controllers or just rest your tired feet and a glass of wine, it’s a handy piece of furniture. Sure, you can go out and buy a coffee table to complete your living room. But if you’re considering dabbling in DIY projects, a DIY coffee table is a great place to start.

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The guys over at the Modern Maker Podcast (Ben Uyeda from Home-Made Modern, Mike Montgomery from ModernBuilds, and Chris Salomone from Four Eyes Furniture) set out a challenge for people to build something using only one sheet of plywood. Plywood edges often get covered up with edge banding or ven