Planter ideas

Transform your home with these creative and inspiring planter ideas. Add a touch of greenery to your space and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with these unique planter designs.
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The weather is rapidly getting warmer, which means that all of us are facing the growing urge to fill our entire living spaces with greenery. Whether you're into florals, leafy greens, or succulents, we've got a list of clever DIY hacks that will have your home looking like charming greenhouse in no time. **You're going to love the info in #12.**Avocadoes are the gifts that keep on giving. After you're finished eating it, clean off the pit, stick toothpicks in it and balance it over a cup of…

Denise Glazer
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My roses started to bloom this week, so that means I am sweeping off the patios and washing the outdoor cushions and pillows in anticipation of the warmer weather ahead. It also means I am ready to spruce up all of my garden containers that have lost their beauty through the harsh winter months. I...

Sylvana Oeser