Pizza dough recipe for grilling

Make the perfect homemade pizza dough for grilling. Get ready to enjoy a mouthwatering grilled pizza that will impress your friends and family. Try out these top pizza dough recipes today!
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Grilled pizza is a summertime, weeknight meal that has everything going for it. Whip up the perfect dough for grilling pizza, top with your favorite cheese and goodies, and let it cook while hanging out on the back deck with friends, wine glasses in hand. It’s easy, make-ahead, and elegant in all the right ways, and it doesn’t heat up your kitchen. Bonus. But to make a great pizza, you need a great dough.

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If you have never tried cooking pizza on the grill, now is the time to try! These easy to follow instructions include a recipe for homemade dough that makes the best crust for grilling pizza on a stone. Choose your favorite toppings and fire up the grill for the best pizza night at home!

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If you love pizza with ballooned and blistered edges and a crisp but pliable crust, this is the pizza dough recipe you’ll come back to again and again. And it’s easy to make—the pizza dough is no-knead, made with 4 simple ingredients, and doesn’t require special flour. Video guidance below. **Attention Pizza Fans**: My new cookbook, Pizza Night, is available for preorder. NOTES: This recipe yields 4 rounds of dough. Recipe can be halved; dough can be refrigerated for up to five days. I…

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