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Put your problem-solving abilities to the test with these challenging picture puzzles. Explore a variety of mind-bending puzzles that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours.
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Find 4 Objects in the picture puzzle

Find 4 Objects in the picture puzzle Above is a picture depicting a moment of life in the city. Some objects are hidden in the picture. Can you find 4 given objects in the picture? If you find some more hidden objects too, comment them for others to find them ! Share with your family and friends and see who can find all the four objects and some more hidden objects in the picture !

Safaa Elsadany
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Interesting Puzzles - Fact Republic

Interesting brain teasers, logical puzzles, mental riddles, whatsapp puzzles, facebook viral puzzles all in one place with answers. Puzzle #69 – Penguin-Zebra-Cow Puzzle Answer Answer is 86. A single penguin eqauals 4. A single zebra equals 6. Two cows equal a 20. Therefore a single cow equals a 10. Therefore the final equation will look […]

Sandy Jas
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Shoes Boy Burger Puzzle

Shoes + Shoes + Shoes = 30 Boy + Boy + Shoes = 20 Burger + Burger + Boy = 13 Shoes + Boy x Burger = ? Above text is only for illustration purposes only. To solve the puzzle, look at the image carefully. Share with your friends and family and see if they can find the solution to the puzzle.

Ann-Marie Spata
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