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Uncover your unique personal style by exploring different style types. Find inspiration and tips to define and express your individual fashion sense.
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New BeginningsWe may experience many style evolutions in the course of our lives, which can come from the influence of celebrities, social media, travel & friends. This can make it difficult to identify our own personal style when we’re being pulled in ten different directions. STYLE TYPES Growing up in NY, studying in Italy & living in SH for the past 9 years, I felt that I needed to simplify my life. I’d become uninspired, not because of a lack of options but rather having too many. On a…

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Before we start the quiz, let's talk about Style Essences.So, what is a style essence? They are a perceptible reflection of your inner self with a mix of your clothing lines. It considers your "vibe" or the way you perceive the world, and how that is reflected on your outer self. How you act and

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Do you have a closet full of clothes but the styles are different? Do you have some clothes that look conservative, some that look soft and flowy, or some that are glamorous? Would you like to narrow down to just one style that makes you feel great all the time that you can identify with?...

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Not sure what your Kibbe Body Type is?We can help you with that! Tell me my Kibbe ID! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission if you purchase through them.The Kibbe Body System is composed of 13 unique styles based on 5 main families: Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Gamine, and Romantic.There

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Are you tired of feeling like your wardrobe lacks a cohesive identity? Everyone has a unique style that reflects their personality, but sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what that style is. Understanding the different style types can help you identify what resonates with you and crea

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