Peacock bass

Catch more peacock bass with these expert fishing tips and techniques. Learn how to choose the right bait, find the best fishing spots, and reel in trophy-sized peacock bass.
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create your page to connect people [color=#bed8f8][b]Monoculus Peacock Bass[/b][/color](Cichla monoculus)[code][/code][color=#bed8f8][b]Quick Care Facts[/b][/color][code][/code][b]Care Level:[/b] Moderate[b]Temperament:[/b] Aggressive[b]Maximum Size:[/b] 28"[b]Minimum Tank Size:[/b] 350 gallons[b]Water Conditions:[/b] 80-84° F, KH 5-15, pH 5.0-6.5[b]Diet:[/b] Piscivore, Carnivore[b]Origin:[/b] Amazon River, Rio Negro, Oyapock River[b]Family:[/b] Cichlidae[b]Species:[/b] Peacock…

Grouchy Grouper
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The big question is: What exactly makes Peacock Bass one of the coolest fish to throw a fly at? And that is exactly why we ventured off to Manaus… to find answers. 17500 American anglers pilgrim every year to the capital of the Amazon-state to disperse into the many fisheries of Rio Negro, Rio Blanco, […]

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