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Discover unique and practical ideas for utilizing a panel truck in various industries. Find inspiration for transforming a panel truck into a versatile and efficient vehicle for your business.
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1. Product: Yea so I need a more practical 2nd vehicle so I'm selling my restored 1946 turquoise and black Chevy Panel Truck. This would be an awesome ride to be made into a loud vehicle or just keep it clean and simple. 2. Specs: The trucks motor wasn't built or nothing because I focused more on...

Steven Michael Smith
This solid 1951 Chevrolet panel van just needs completing. Will you finish it? #Chevrolet Van, Trucks, Pie, Chevy Trucks, Chevy Trucks For Sale, Chevrolet Trucks, Chevy 3100, Trucks For Sale, Chevy

Here is a very solid project for someone, at what, so far, appears to be a reasonable price. It’s a 1951 Chevrolet Panel Delivery work-in-progress on eBay in Sacramento, California. The bidding is at $4,550 with seven days to go. This hard-to-find vehicle is a great example of what brings buyers from all over the...

John Slater
Rare Original 1959 Ford F100 Panel Truck Trucks, Ohio, 1956 Ford Truck, Ford Trucks For Sale, 1959 Ford F100, Trucks For Sale, Ford Truck, Ford Trucks, Cars For Sale

Wonderful rare original Paint Survivor. Solid Floors. No structural rust whatsoever. I’m the 4th owner. The truck lived it’s entire life in the Parkersburg West Virginia area. I purchased it a year ago from an individual who had looked after it for 25 years. Amazingly all rubber seals/surrounds are still supple & compliant. Numbers matching....

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It is suggested that this non-running 1951 Chevrolet 3800 panel truck would make a good camper. With a lot of imagination perhaps - it needs a lot of work! What are your recommendations? #Chevrolet3800 Vans, Camper, Old Lorries, Trucks, Nice, Vintage, Van, Gmc Trucks, Chevrolet Trucks

This 1951 Chevrolet 3800 is referenced as, potentially, a "glamper". The Oxford dictionary defines "glamping" as, "A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping." Uh, I think this truck misses that mark - by a lot. Tongue-in-cheek perhaps? Maybe so but that doesn't mean that this Chevy...

Juan Soto Carbajal