Pandaren monk

Unleash the strength and agility of the Pandaren Monk in World of Warcraft. Learn how to master this unique class and dominate your enemies with lightning-fast attacks and powerful healing abilities.
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In November I participated in the Hearthstone Art Challenge (presented by IX Arts and Blizzard Entertainment), and recently the winners were announced. I am super happy to say that I made the 3rd place! :D There was a lot of awesome art and I was surprised I even got to be a finalist. Hope you like my version of a Pandaren druid (which sadly do not exist YET in WoW) :D Work in progress stuff and more on my Instagram:

Jack Shade
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This piece of art is bittersweet for me for many reasons. This is the only piece I have made for Hearthstone since my leaving at the end of 2019, and it was commissioned as an in-game memorialization for one of the very first members of the team Dan Nguyen. Dan was one of the kindest souls I ever had the privilege to work with, and the team and I agreed it was important that the game he loved remember his dedication and spirit in a meaningful way. . Master Nguyen is seen here wearing a…