Palm reading

Discover the ancient art of palm reading and gain insight into your future. Learn how to interpret the lines on your palm and uncover hidden truths about your life's path.
Palmistry for dummies... read your own palm! | Naomi D'Souza | Writer, Food & Lifestyle Blogger in Dubai Astrology, Mindfulness, Metaphysics, Mind Body Spirit, Divination, Psychic, Palmistry Reading, Healing, Knowledge

It's super easy for a palmist to fool a customer into believing generic comments, such as, "this year you'll have a tough time, "you had great memories last year", so on and so forth. But, what if the palmist get's into details? That's what happened to me a few years ago.

Rittika Kumar
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When you come across the term 'palmistry,' you picture a scenario where a palm reader holds your outstretched hand in a semi-lit room, analyzing the lines on your palm. And you are not far from the truth. But did you know that you can read the lines of your hand yourself? Reading the lines of...

Sonali Singh