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Scientist 'Photographs' Sounds By Using 'Simple' Cymatics Technique And The Results Are Out Of This World Sound Art, Art Design, Graphic Design, Sound Healing, Sound Design, Fractal Art, Fractal Images, Out Of This World, Sacred Geometry

Most of us are used to experiencing sound as an exclusively auditory experience. But scientist and photography enthusiast Linden Gledhill isn't most of us. He sees it. And he's happy to show how. The Philadelphia-based pharmaceutical biochemist has been playing with cymatics for a few years now, and he's come a long way.

Tara Harder
30 Photos Taken From The International Space Station That Are Literally Out Of This World | Bored Panda Travel Tags, Skyline, Sites Online, International Space Station, Time Lapse Video, Space Photos, Earth From Space, Space Time, Sendai

For thousands of years, people looked up at the night sky looking at the stars, seeking guidance, dreaming. While centuries passed with humans using the night sky for navigation or to record the passage of time, it was only in the last century that we actually started reaching for those stars, and not metaphorically.

Bill Coville