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#wattpad #fanfiction This is the story about (Y/N). A cute, funny and hyperactive girl. But don't mess with her friends...or else she will release "The Nutcracker" (her insane mood) With her clan slaughterd she had no where to go. What wil happen along her shinobi path? Who wil she choose? Wil she find out her true sel...eve Humour, Anime Jokes, Anime Meme, Anime Memes, Anime Funny, Danganronpa, Anime Memes Funny, Funny Anime Pics, Anime Quotes

This is the story about (Y/N). A regular girl who seemed to be totally lost and traumatized after that one dreadful day when she lost everything she ever loved in a blink of an eye. What will happen along her shinobi path? Will she stray away from her destiny or overcome her fears? "Everyone has a reason to live. You might not know it now, or tomorrow. But you'll find out eventually. Life has a plan for you and you need to outlive your destiny. Remember one thing, the universe makes no…