Oscars theme party

Roll out the red carpet and throw an unforgettable Oscars theme party that will have your guests feeling like Hollywood stars. Discover top ideas for decorations, food, and entertainment to make your party a winner.
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It's Award Season, everybody! One of the best ways to beat the winter blues is to throw an Oscar or Movie Award Party! Maybe you are a movie buff, and having friends and family over for an Oscar Award Show Party. In today's post I'm featuring some super fun and unique ideas to make your event worthy of the "BEST PARTY" award and get you a nomination for "BEST HOSTESS"! Set the scene - TAKE ONE! I've designed some super cute award party printables, now for sale in my Etsy Shop! They're so

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Hey to the cineasts out there ;) only 4 days left to the acadamy awards!! Steffi (Tulip) and me are going to watch the oscar night in a cinema in Vienna! I'll have to drink looots of coffee that evening because the screening will start(!) at 2 a.m. ;) I'm really looking forward to it - there will be a bet where everyone can guess which movie or actor will win and everyone who wears an evening dress will get a free glass of champagne :) If you are thinking about hosting your own Oscar night…

Steffi Reichl
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My daughter Josie had a great time planning for her Oscar's party. She looks forward to the Academy Awards almost as much (maybe even more) than Danny and I. This year, she wanted to do it up right. She found a box that she wanted to make into an Oscar that people could pose in. We though this idea was brilliant! Her Grandma and Grandpa and Danny helped her make it and it turned out beautifully, don't you think? One of her activities was to be a fashion show, where kids could use dress-up…

Shawna Gadd