Oregon snow

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Oregon snow with our top ideas for winter activities and scenic spots. Plan your perfect snowy adventure today!
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Prior to settlers arriving, groups from the Molalla and Kalapuya tribes visited the park site to harvest huckleberries, fish and hunt. Cascadia Cave is nearby. The cave is an 8,000-year-old American Indian petroglyph site considered to have the largest concentration of rock engravings in western Oregon. Willamette Valley settlers developed a bypass at the park site for horse-drawn wagons. Old wagon ruts are still visible near where Soda Creek meets the South Santiam River. In 1896, George…

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Thursday the snow started falling, by Friday a "wintery mix" had set in. School was called off Thursday in anticipation of snow and icy roads, which arrived more or less on time about midday, allowing everyone who took precautions to feel smug even if they became stranded or delayed. Friday was a snow day as well, as the weather went into the zone of 33 degrees with freezing rain. A twist to being at home with the kids was added when we lost power about 3:00 pm. As the ice had been building…