Orchid house

Transform your space into a botanical oasis with these stunning orchid house ideas. Create a serene and vibrant atmosphere with these tips and tricks for growing and displaying orchids in your home.
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Most of my adult life, I have coveted greenhouses. I think I may have inherited a genetic love of sticking my hands in dirt from my maternal grandmother. I understand that her gardens were spectacular, and according to my mother, she would much rather be out tending her beds than cleaning or cooking. I wonder what she wore?? I tend to garden in old shorts and tees and be covered in dirt. I cannot imagine her wearing anything other than long dark dresses and practical shoes, if old black and…

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23 Gorgeous Orchid Display Ideas - 154

An orchid arrangement adds stunning beauty to any space in your house, whether it is in spotless white or one of the most breathtaking exotic colors. I enjoy putting orchids on display here at our home, especially in the summer. When purchased, orchid arrangements can be fairly expensive, but they are really simple to assemble yourself using your favorite container and store-bought orchid plants.

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