Old bicycle

Discover unique and innovative ideas to repurpose an old bicycle into stylish and functional decor or furniture pieces. Transform your old bicycle into a statement piece for your home or garden.
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Eric Estlund is a very much a classicist, respecting the traditional methods when it comes to frame building. His latest build was contracted by a professional musician and draws inspiration from the volute — the scroll found on the head of the violin. The volute is a spiral-like ornament that can be found in many…

Ryan's Rebuilds: Raleigh Sports DL22L 3 speed Ladies bicycle (1974?) Vintage Bicycle Decor, Bicycle Diy, Retro Bicycle, Old Bicycle, Old Bikes, Bicycle Design, Vintage Bicycles, Road Bike Women, Bicycle Women

A couple years ago a friend was clearing out his garage in anticipation of a remodel. Knowing I was a bike nut he offered me a pair of 3 speeds that he and his wife had once ridden while living in Boston. I was looking for a project I could quickly turn around and sell and thought one of the 3 speeds would fit the bill. The men's 3 speed (DL22) had a broken shift cable so I went with the Ladies version. My mistake was thinking aloud the term "quick turn around" the bike gods ears must have…

Jaimee Drew