Ocean diorama

Create a mesmerizing ocean diorama that brings the beauty of the sea to life. Explore top ideas to craft a stunning underwater world that will awe and inspire.
Except we're making a diorama with farm animals instead! Projects For Kids, Habitats Projects, Projects, Kids Crafts, Ocean Projects, Animal Projects, Crafts For Kids, Habitats, School Projects

Wow, my poor neglected blog is still here. I feel like I have lost all skill at blogging. I don't take pictures, I don't say funny things, I don't have any focus. I download whatever is on my camera and try to create a story that sums up my life in so many words. Even I am a little bored listening to me. Depressing. I sense a blogging goal for 2012, but that means I have another whole month of slacking. Phew. Oddly, I am still keeping most of the family traditions in line. I just don't have…

Leigh S.