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T-Table is a coffee table with ceramic and precious finishes designed by Jaime Hayon for Bosa.

From the Primates vases by Elena Salmistraro to the latest arrivals, discover on Mohd all Bosa designer vases and decorative accessories.

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Called "Transitional Speculation," the show blurs the line between the digital and physical worlds even more than Wang Söderstrom's work normally does: While their 3D illustrations often have a whiff of handicraft, here, they've made tangible objects — primarily printed in 3D — that seem to take on the blobby, hyper-real aesthetic a rendering would typically have.

Marika Salomaa
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This remarkable vase, because of its size and complexity, is regarded as an outstanding example of Norwegian Art Nouveau enamel work. The bowl, which is executed in red and green plique-à-jour enamel shows the leaves and flowers of the peony, supported by two stems with leaves and blossoms of the same flower rising from an enameled base. Gaudernack trained in Vienna, but moved to Oslo in 1891. Initially, he worked for the glass house, Christiania Glasmagasin. He joined the silver firm of…

David Mills