North carolina highway patrol

Learn about the important role of the North Carolina Highway Patrol in ensuring the safety and security of the state's roads. Discover their strategies and initiatives to protect drivers and promote responsible driving.
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North Carolina Highway Patrol June 1962: A couple old troops get their photo taken in the late evening after a thunderstorm has just passed through. I've never titled a photo before, but I think "Seen it all... Done it all." is appropriate for this one. This is a Black & White photo that I colorized.

tracy Smawley
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This 1992 Ford Mustang LX notchback coupe is a former state highway patrol vehicle, otherwise known as an SSP, that loyally served the great state of North Carolina. Today, it resides in private hands, and the owner has changed it back to its original colors after an unfortunate repaint in red after it left the...

Ernest Somogy