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Explore the life and inventions of the brilliant mind, Nikola Tesla. Discover how his groundbreaking discoveries revolutionized the world and continue to shape our modern technology.
Nikola Tesla, 1893 Colorized by Danna Keller 20 Historic Black and White Pictures Restored in Color Colorized Historical Photos, Nicola Tesla, Nicolas Tesla, Colorized Photos, Nikola Tesla, Foto Vintage, Life Expectancy, Free Energy, Electrical Engineering

Most often the color palette that we associate with history is limited to black and white only. But have you ever imagined what did people, their outfits and backgrounds look like in real life - in color? Members of this one group on reddit, called r/ColorizedHistory, sure have: they pick historic photos that we have only seen in black and white, and bring them back to life by digitally coloring them.

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40 of the Most Influential People of All Time Tesla Portrait, Thomas Alva Edison, Nicola Tesla, Nicolas Tesla, Tesla S, Influential People, Nikola Tesla, Poster Pictures, Science Center

The people who influenced history the most, the "movers and shakers" from ancient times until today, have one thing in common: they challenged the status quo. By and large, they were rebels who were willing to take on established norms and traditions. Keep reading to learn about some of the…

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