Newborn animals

Experience the cuteness overload with these adorable newborn animals. Discover the wonders of nature as you explore the world of baby animals and their irresistible charm.
Newborn Puppy Fits In The Palm Of My Hand

No matter the grey hair, for our parents, we will always be babies. Hence, all the unasked advice on changing jobs, traveling abroad, getting a loan, you know it. But this time, we won't be talking about humans as we shift onto the animal kingdom to see what animal babies are like.

Mary Martin
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I announced this morning that I was going to have quintuplet newborns in the studio this afternoon. You wouldn't generally refer to a litter of five puppies as quintuplets but I knew it would spark some interest... because let's face it, all of my fellow newborn photographers would LOVE to get their hands on a set of multiples to photograph... the more babies the merrier! I personally have photographed twins, but never triplets and beyond.

Helli Saputra