Neutral floral wallpaper nursery

Transform your nursery into a serene and whimsical space with neutral floral wallpaper. Discover top ideas to create a calming and enchanting environment for your little one.
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DIY Hand Painted Floral Wallpaper You may know that I've done painted wallpaper before at our old place - you can see it HERE! However, this was approximately 10x more work than that one. Is that because I'm 8 months pregnant this time? MAYBE. But, it was a lot of work - that being said

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When it comes to designing your baby's nursery, it might take a while to decide on the theme and design you want your baby to spend the most time of the day in. And having so many directions and options to choose from might not make it easier. However, 2023 has come with some beautiful nursery design trends to consider using in your nursery project. Read further to get to know 5 nursery designs trends of 2023 for a modern nursery interior to inspire from and help you get started.

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