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Unravel the enigmatic persona of Mr. Aizawa with top facts, stories, and behind-the-scenes insights. Dive into the captivating world of this intriguing character and uncover the secrets that make him a fan favorite.
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WARNING: SEXUAL DETAILS MAY MAKE A READER UNCOMFORTABLE 🍋LEMON🍋 You're a 29 year old teacher who decided to teach in U.A. with unique ability bit question is well it be in the way of your relationship leaving you confused with your thoughts or will it increase the drive? 🤫😏👍👌

Lisa Park
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Description Poor Ka-Chan looses his memories after a run in with a villain and his friends must help him adjust. – This my first time doing an AU so I’m really pumped to share it with you all. I really hope you guys enjoy. I feel super late to this series but I can’t stop watching! Please keep an eye out for updates each week on Saturday! Next>>

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