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Discover the benefits of Montessori education and find the best ideas to create a stimulating learning environment for your child. Start their journey towards independence and lifelong love for learning.
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Montessori is growing in popularity. Every day, the parenting websites, mommy YouTube channels, and Instagram influencers are re-discovering this 100-year-old educational approach. And it’s great they are. The Montessori method, although old, has a lot to say to modern parents. What is Montessori? The Montessori method is an educational approach developed by Italian physician Maria … What is Montessori? 7 Principles of the Montessori Method Read More »

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When you walk into a traditional preschool, the first thing you might notice is the classroom decore. Bright, colorful decorations often fill the walls in a traditional classroom. Plastic toys may clutter your view. In a traditional Montessori classroom, on the other hand, you will see only a few carefully…

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I get asked about this a lot, and understandably so. Choosing the “right” Montessori school for your toddler or preschooler can be a real challenge! “Montessori” isn’t trademarked, so anyone can use the name in their school title, and thousands of schools do. Montessori in the name alone does not me

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Maria Montessori was an Italian physician who is known for her passionate and pioneering work in early childhood development. She believed in sense learning and creative exploration letting childre…

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