Monochromatic art

Discover the power of monochromatic art to transform your space into a stylish and sophisticated haven. Explore top ideas to create a harmonious and visually stunning ambiance.
The texture of the brushwork is apparent in this abstract painting depicting flowing, curved lines and circles. Painting Techniques, Design, Abstract Art, Abstract Poster, Zen Painting, Minimalist Art, Composition Painting, Abstract Art Wallpaper, Minimalist Painting

In this noisy world we live in today, it is essential to our well-being to calm, quiet, and still the mind. As an interior designer, Joshua Smith’s philosophy is that our homes should be designed as sanctuaries, and creating a dedicated space for meditation is an important part of his work. Saatchi Art invited Joshua to curate a selection of works perfectly suited for a meditative environment.

Klarisa Agjaku
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I feel happy about what I did today. I have been doing research on monochromatic painting for a while. The advantage of monochrome is automatic color harmony. I don't need to worry that color gets muddy. So I can concentrate on value design and texture design. You have seen a small version of this painting earlier. This one is 18" x 24". How to market my large paintings is a good question. I did show my large work in galleries, even very good galleries. However, the result was not very good…