Modular housing

Discover innovative and eco-friendly modular housing ideas to create your dream home. Explore the benefits of modular construction and find inspiration for your next project.
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The Sydney Affordable Housing Challenge global ideas competition sought pilot-phase design concepts for affordable housing in Sydney, where the economy is strong yet residential space is among the least affordable according to surveys of major metropolitan markets. The jury looked for...

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UPDATE April 2, 2023 The WORLD MILL Just a few days ago on March 30th I posted an entry referring to the ‘Holy Mill’. Today another faKebook friend Verónica Zumpano Blumenfeld shared th…

Islam Alaa
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Founded in 1912, The University of Hong Kong is the leading and oldest tertiary institute in Hong Kong. In the early years, the University was host to four Faculties: Arts, Engineering, Medicine and Science. The late 1940’s and the 1950’s were characterized by the city’s dramatic expansion due to emigration from China and the needs of the industry. The Department of Architecture was first introduced into the University in 1950, under the Deanship of Professor R. Gordon Brown. The first…