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Living in Harmony: A Glimpse Into Eco-Village Life Eco Friendly Future City, Solarpunk Village, Eco Friendly City, Sustainable Village, Eco Village Community, Eco Community, Village Lifestyle, Ecological Architecture, Community Village

Living in Harmony: A Spiritual Awakening

Living in Harmony: A Glimpse Into Eco-Village Life Harmony My foray into eco-villages was more of a spiritual awakening than a mere professional diversion. Think of a world where people live in harmony with nature, rather than in a busy metropolis where the only wildlife you're likely to see is the odd urban fox digging through trash. It all started on a normal Tuesday when, in the middle of all the email and deadline madness, I came across an article on eco-friendly living. There was…

Park Jimin, the strong and hot alpha meets his mate Jeon Jungkook, a … #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Home Designs Exterior, Door Paint, Contemporary Villa, Exterior Painting, Modern Villa Design, Real Estat, Modern House Facades, Modern Exterior House Designs, Modern Villa

FOREVER ♡/Jikook/♡

A story where two 'mates' meet eachother. The revelation of destiny in vivid orbes. Prejudices and uncertainty hindering their path to love. "You are my mate jungkook. Don't forget that. And don't make me mad!" Jimin hisses. "Huh! I do what I want. If that angers you, then it is your fucking problem not mine!" He spats in return. Park Jimin, the head alpha of Bluemoon pack and a pure blood born to reign the warewolves. Jeon Jungkook a warewolve presented as an omega destinied mate for the…

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