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Elevate your home decor with stylish modern vases. Discover top ideas to display your favorite flowers and add a touch of elegance to any room.

Tara Vaughan is an abstract artist interested in organic forms and balance. Inspired by nature, connection, female forms and artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe and Valentine Schlegel, she hand-builds ceramic sculptures in her studio in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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NARDUS This modern flower pot adopts its inspiration from the authentic amphorae of Ancient Greece. Sharing similar attributes such as a long body and a tight rim, Nardus thrives in its modern approach. While it can be used simply as a minimalist shelf decor object, the vase can store dried flowers and similar items as well. As a 3D printed vase, Nardus will be a great addition to the modern decorations. DESIGN Nardus has a minimalistic design. Its appearance makes the vase suit perfectly…

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🌷 【Unique Design Vases】Modern vases minimalist design white ceramic vase, two separate and beautiful vases, looks like a romantic couple hugging tightly together, full of love and signifying mutual dependence. It is not only a vase, but also a piece of art. 🌷 【High Quality Vase】This white ceramic vase is made of high quality white porcelain with a frosted surface and an even texture with a special frosted feel,pairing dried flowers 、Natural Pampas Grass, Reed, Bunny Tails or fresh flowers…

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HELEN'S POT, TROY Inspired by the mythical beauty of Helen of Troy, we present Helen’s Pot. Carrying modern aspects as well as an ancient form, the unique vase presents a graceful addition to your modern decor objects. It is designed uniquely to capture the original essence of the pots of Troy. With a contemporary texture and sturdy material, Helen’s Pot proves to be the perfect piece of Nordic decor object for a modern home decor. DESIGN The Nordic vase draws attention with a distinctive…

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🌷【EXQUISITE MODERN DESIGN】– If you're tired of dull and unremarkable designs, you'll love these beautiful white ceramic vases with unique hollow designs for your home décor. The donut-shaped design adds a touch of style to the vases and allows you to appreciate the beautiful flowers inside, adding a romantic and fashionable ambiance to your home. 🌷【AESTHETIC & FLAWLESS DETAILS】 – Each decorative vase for pampas grass is carefully designed and handcrafted with clean and elegant golden ratio…

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