Modern outdoor playhouse

Transform your backyard with a modern outdoor playhouse that will provide endless fun for your children. Explore the best ideas to create a stylish and functional play area for your little ones.

As any parent knows, getting kids to play outside can be challenging, encouraging your kids to spend time outdoors, playing in a cubby house, swing set, sandpits and bouncy castles. Moreover, playing outside in a cubby house, can boost their imagination and creativity. So next time your kids ask to stay inside and play video games, suggest they go outside and play in their Cubby House instead!

Fran Zi Na La
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It was time! This kid loves being outside, and I’m not going to lie – we’ve been excited to build a cubby since the moment we found out we were having a baby. We spend a lot of time in our front yard as it’s fully enclosed and receives beautiful northern sun all year long […]

Диана Долгушева
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How much does it cost to build a modern playhouse? Here’s an estimate of what you might spend to build a DIY playhouse similar to ours. It’s a question that comes up relatively often – “How much did it cost to build your playhouse?” I had the same exact question in mind as I viewed […]

Emma Shels