Mod 60s fashion

Step back in time with mod 60s fashion and embrace the retro style. Discover top ideas to create a fashionable and nostalgic look that will make heads turn.
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1960s mod fashion seemed to be divided into two parts: the elegant styles developed from the previous years of the 1950s, and the new modern styles popularized by the youth of the decade. Today, I am going to explore these popular styles of the 1960s and show you how to recreate the look with 60s

Paola Estrada
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They’d roam around the hippest places in London and Brighton, showing off their new designer clothes or riding their Italian scooters. It’s the mods, ladies and gentlemen! A true staple of 60s fashion, the mod style has never completely disappeared and, while it stayed underground throughout some decades, it has seen more than one revival. Discover its origins and learn to dress like them with our guide to mod fashion! Credit: Shaping a Generation History of Mod Fashion Credit: GQ This…

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