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Create a clean and productive workspace with these minimal office ideas. Find inspiration to design a clutter-free environment that promotes focus and efficiency.
Chip Trading Company is a minimal office space located in Zhengzhou, China, designed by ANG 3 STUDIO. By removing superfluous walls, the designers created a central area that now serves as the primary focus of the design. The redesign centered around the daily routines and movements of the office staff, aiming to incorporate natural and simple elements into the workspace. Office Minimalist Design Workspaces, Small Business Office Ideas Design, Light Office Space, Japandi Meeting Room, Office Workstations Design Interiors, Minimalistic Office Design, Office Waiting Area Design, Small Office Kitchen, Office Interior Design Workspaces

Chip Trading Company by ANG 3 STUDIO

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Lucas Folz
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Organic Harmony: Earthy Tones and Minimalist Japandi Design in the Home Workspace

The home office is adorned with a myriad of bookshelves and furniture, featuring a harmonious blend of light amber and beige tones. Showcasing earthy organic shapes that seamlessly integrate Japandi elements. Minimalist grids accentuate the design, merging neoclassical influences with the tranquility of zen minimalism.