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Equip your mini horse with the perfect tack for ultimate comfort and style. Explore top-quality mini horse tack options to enhance your riding experience and bond with your equine companion.
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I used Natural Horsemanship when training all my horses, and am a true believer in that style of horsemanship being applied in all disciplines. I recently had a commission for a Clinton Anderson portrait saddle, rope halter, and "Handy Stick" and it came out lovely! Clinton Anderson is an Aussie with his own brand of Natural Horsemanship, and it was wonderful to make a mini version of things I actually used to use in the real world! I am currently taking orders for the "Handy Stick" for $25…

Nikki Lyon-Jackson
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Most of the people who learn I make tack for model horses have a hard time believing there is a whole community of hobbyists who share a love of tiny tack and collecting model horses. Countless kids collect and treasure their Breyers, but not many of them are even aware of the model horse collecting community, especially if they have never attended Breyerfest. Sharing the hobby with others is one of the biggest reasons I started this blog, and I was delighted to get a phone call from Linda…