Mini german pancakes

Start your day with mouthwatering mini German pancakes. Explore our collection of easy and flavorful recipes to satisfy your breakfast cravings.
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Mini German Pancakes

I remember peeking through the oven door as German pancakes rose so beautifully in my Grandmother’s oven. Mini German Pancakes are light, airy egg pancakes. Often called Dutch baby pancakes, this breakfast has been a family favorite ever since I was a little girl. Love this recipe? PIN IT to your FOOD BOARD to save it! Follow BAREFEET IN…

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Mini Dutch Baby Pancakes (in a muffin tin)

Mini Dutch Baby Pancakes (in a muffin tin). These mini, bite-size Dutch Baby pancakes are made the same way as traditional German pancakes but these are baked in muffin tins. These easy, golden and buttery mini muffin tin puffed pancakes are perfect to serve to family and friends.

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The smaller amount you put in each tin the more individual mini German pancakes you will get. Description from I searched for this on Baby Food Breakfast, Mini German Pancakes, Muffin Tin Breakfast, Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe, German Pancakes Recipe, German Pancake, Dutch Baby Recipe, Baby Pancakes, German Pancakes

Mini German Pancakes

I am always looking for new creative ways to do breakfast. I absolutely love breakfast, and especially when I get to make breakfast. I saw these at a friend's Christmas party a while ago and thought it was such a fun idea. We have had them a couple of times now and I love it. I love them because I can have one or all twelve (maybe not quite all twelve but pretty close). They had them there for everyone to snack on at the Christmas party and it was great. You can fill the little cups with…

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Easy and Kid Friendly Mini Dutch Baby Pancakes Recipe

This recipe is so easy and simple. All from scratch with minimal ingredients. Your kids will love these cute and yummy mini dutch pancakes! These little mini dutch baby pancakes have a hollow center that is perfect for filling with fruit, maple syrup, honey, nut butter, or your favorite toppings.

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