Military Dogs

Explore the incredible world of military dogs, from their courageous stories on the battlefield to their rigorous training. Learn about the bond between these remarkable canines and their human handlers.
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Air Force Maj. Matt Kowalski and San Antonio Postmaster Robert Carr unveiled the U.S. Postal Service’s newest forever stamp, which honors the contributions of military working dogs. The stamp features the four most common breeds associated with military work: the German shepherd, the Labrador retriever, the Belgian Malinois and the Dutch shepherd.

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Dogs have long been involved in warfare, and their use on the battlefield goes back several thousand years. They were used in various capacities by the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks, and the Romans, and they're still used to this day as scouts, trackers, sentries, and mine detection dogs. Approximately 5,000 US military dogs served during the Vietnam War, and dogs have been in combat with US soldiers during every major conflict. In homage to these incredibly animals, Bored Panda has…

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