Middle school decor

Transform your middle school classroom with these creative decor ideas that will inspire and engage your students. Discover how to create a positive and inviting learning environment.
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Have you ever walked into a classroom that was so visually overwhelming it made your head spin? From bright colors to busy patterns, classroom decorations can either enhance or hinder student learning. But did you know that a calming environment can actually have a positive impact on academic performance? Studies have shown that the right classroom decorations can reduce stress, improve focus, and even encourage creativity. SPOILER: I've included a link to a set of FREE calming classroom…

Olivia Anne
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Motivating those fun middle schoolers can be tricky, right? Here are three incentives classroom tested incentives that you can implement right away to help manage your middle school classroom and make it fun! Seriously.

Jennifer Grimes
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Another school year is barreling upon us again! My how the summers fly. But at least I get another chance to do what I love - decorating my classroom! And this year, I was able to stray a bit from my longtime Spanish-class decor to a slightly broader cultural theme - a global boho classroom decor. I was tempted to put up another hat wall which is a nod mostly to the Hispanic culture. Then, I decided it is time for a boho classroom theme that incorporates a variety of cultures - which is how…

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this post contains affiliate links For many years, my classroom just didn't look or feel right. While I knew that the actions inside a classroom mattered more than what was on the walls, I also wanted it to look... well, at least clean and organized. Thus began a very gradual, years-long process of taking my room from a color-clashing mess to a comparatively calmer, semi farmhouse look. Some of the materials I bought, and some were reimbursed or bought by the school, but it did not happen…

Chelsie Marie