Mid century jewelry

Elevate your style with these timeless and chic mid century jewelry ideas. Discover stunning pieces that add a touch of elegance to any outfit.
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On a miserable January day, I decided to play hooky and spend the day at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. While walking around I heard the faint sound of Jazz in the back ground. As I continued to explore the rooms, the jazz became louder and louder. As I entered the gallery from which the music was playing I was floored, it was a show of the Modernist Jewelry of Art Smith. Oh the joy in my heart as I moved from case to case. I have always loved to forge wire and create torque necklaces, but this…

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Openwork design to the baroque pearl and garnet surround. 39 cm lenght Italian women have always loved lavish display. Even for the poorest, a rich show of jewellery was all important. Italian goldsmiths were expert at making a little material go a very long way. The garnets in this necklace have been backed with red metallic foil to improve their colour. Red and gold are the dominant colours in Italian traditional jewellery.

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