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Step into the world of royalty with our collection of elegant medieval gowns. Discover top ideas to embrace the regal charm and create a timeless look for your next event.
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Yup, that's another Historical Sew Fortnightly project up already! The inclusion of 1939-1945 is going to help my challenge count out a lot, I think. Anyways, here it is! For my innovation, I choose my favorite fabric ever-rayon! While rayon wasn't brand spanking new in the 1940s, there had been some improvements in the manufacture of the fabric that made it grow in popularity even before war rationing limited seamstresses' access to other fabrics. For more info on the history of rayon…

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Head and shoulders Photorealistic beautiful queen in Renaissance blue-and-gold satin gown, ruffles and lace, full long dark hair, jewelry, tiara, (breasts1.9), 8k

Natalia Krivitska