Meat and veggie diet

Explore a variety of delicious and nutritious recipes for your meat and veggie diet. Discover how to create flavorful meals that are packed with nutrients and promote a healthy lifestyle.

EASY one-pan vegetable stir fry recipe. This veggie stir fry has the best homemade sweet and savory stir fry sauce with garlic and ginger.

Lynn Salvidas
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This moist turkey meatloaf is truly the BEST! Not only does it have grated carrot, chopped spinach, grated zucchini mixed into it, but it is wildly flavorful from the addition of Worcestershire sauce and the perfect blend of spices. While veggies add nutrients to this healthy meatloaf recipe, they also help to keep your meatloaf nice and juicy while it cooks. Topped with your favorite barbecue sauce, this is the perfect hearty dinner that makes for the dreamiest of leftovers.

Crystal Zitting