Mean women

Explore the intricacies of mean women and gain insights into their behavior. Discover tips on how to navigate relationships and empower yourself when dealing with mean women.
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Leslie Littlejohn “Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.” Intentional living, goal crushing, and empowering others every day are not easy tasks. Stay motivated is by reading and reflecting on strong independent woman quotes. These inspirational quotes for women are meant to help you feel strong, confident, and empowered to pursue your passions. Perfect quotes for planners, bullet journals, and journaling prompts.

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Society puts pressure on everyone: most are expected to be someone, do something and whatever else. But that does not mean that those expectations are valid, or if the pressure is really necessary. Who knows, perhaps we're forced to chase after goals that don't really reflect our true self, or even worse, we can lose our true selves whilst chasing them.

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