Meals to make with ricotta cheese

Discover mouthwatering recipes that showcase the creamy goodness of ricotta cheese. From savory to sweet, explore a variety of meals to make with this versatile ingredient.

Recipe video above. A lazy meal for midweek that tastes like spinach and ricotta stuffed shells or cannelloni - but without all the labour! Feel free to use your favourite store bought pasta sauce if you prefer. Reheats well and freezes well too!

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What to do with ricotta cheese? I've got you covered with these ricotta cheese recipes that you'll love like this simple whipped ricotta crostini recipe that makes a wonderful holiday appetizer that's elegant and slightly sweet.Recipe yields to 1 cup of whipped ricotta that is enough for about 26 crostini.

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Because ricotta has a short shelf life, I'm alwasy scrambling to use it up. So if you are also wondering what to do with leftover ricotta, check out how I use it!

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This lemon ricotta pasta comes together in about 15 minutes with a handful of simple ingredients. The zesty lemon flavor pairs perfectly with the creamy ricotta cheese and nutty Parmesan for a delicious weeknight dinner the whole family will love.

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Learn how to get the layers of meat sauce, cheese, and noodles just right for our go-to lasagna recipe. Our step-by-step visual guide to making the ultimate lasagna includes what type of baking pan to use for crisp, browned edges and even cooking. Plus, we're sharing how to assemble every layer (no pre-cooked noodles required!).

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