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Explore the impressive career of Matthew Goode, a versatile actor known for his captivating performances. Discover his best roles and get inspired by his talent and charisma.
Henry Talbot in Downton Abbey reminds me of Benedict Cumberbatch. Films, Downton Abbey, Henry Talbot, Matthew William Goode, Matthew Goode, Mathew Goode, Julian Fellowes, Matthews, Downton Abby

Henry Talbot is the nephew of Lady Shackleton, a longtime friend of Violet Crawley. During a visit to Brancaster Castle, Henry catches the eye of Violet's eldest granddaughter, Lady Mary Crawley, and eventually marries her in late summer 1925, and becomes stepfather to Mary's four-year-old son, George Crawley. By 1927, he and his wife Mary have a one-year-old daughter named Caroline. His father, Mr Talbot, is a member of a junior branch of the Talbot family that is headed by the Earl of…

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Well I may have stayed up a wee bit too late last night reading the Blogger Book Club book. Me Before You is hard to put down, it's entirely not my fault. This means I don't have much of a pep in my step this morning. I'm tired and I have a mountain of work sitting next to me on my desk that has got to be done TODAY. Life is so unfair. Anyway, this means that today is going to be an easy post. All about my favorite Man Candy: Actors Edition. Yes, you heard me. It's sort of like…