Mason jar lids diy

Get crafty with mason jar lids and create unique DIY projects. Discover creative ideas to repurpose and decorate mason jar lids for a fun and personalized touch.
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Mason jar lid crafts are an easy way to unlock your inner creative; and you don’t even need to use the entire jar. From glitzy jar lid ornaments to DIY home decor, you'll never been left without a crafty idea for the season. Liven up your wooden surfaces the niftiest way possible with mason jar lid DIY coasters. Brighten up your space with brilliant beams of light with a colorful mason jar lid sun catcher. No matter which craft you choose, your home will get a facelift with these inexpensive…

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Save money by reusing flat lids and putting them to work in another way! If you've attempted to use a flat lid for a second round of canning, you've probably ended up sorely disappointed at the spoilt food that resulted. Although flat mason jar lids can only be used once for canning shelf-stable foods, that doesn’t mean you need to toss them after a single use.

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