Mask tattoo

Discover the artistry of mask tattoos with our collection of unique and creative designs. Express your individuality and explore the world of mask tattoos today.
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Tattoos are a permanent way to create art. I know some people like the fleeting nature of art, like body paints or creating something out of the sand before it washes away. However, others choose to create tattoos which is like drawing on a human canvas but you can't make any mistakes because it is

Aaliyah Justine
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Annika thought she had the perfect life, perfect boyfriend, Jayceon who's also a actor/model and the best friend anybody could ask for. That's until Roman came barreling in her life. Not only was he unbelievably handsome and a breath of fresh air to Annika. He believed in her dream of become a rapper, which only confused Annika because she began to have feelings for Roman. She promised herself that they would only be acquaintances. On top of all that drama her boyfriend attracts Candice…