Marriage tattoos

Express your love and commitment with matching marriage tattoos. Explore creative designs and symbols that symbolize your everlasting bond.
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92 Matching Couple Tattoos With Meaning 2024 - Our Mindful Life

Getting matching ink is a big commitment. If you have found the keeper, these unique couple tattoos are the perfect symbol of your bond.

Elizabeth O'Brien
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10 Quote Tattoos For Couples Who Totally Complete Each Other

If you're looking for a way to express your love for your partner, a couples tattoo could be just what you're looking for. How about one of these 10 gorgeous quote tattoo ideas, where the quote starts on one body and finishes on the other.

Kay Gaston
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20 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Honor Your Relationship

If you're thinking about getting matching couple tattoos with your husband, wife, or significant other, we rounded up some of the most creative ideas from tattoo artists on Instagram. Read on to get inspired.

Jordan Todd
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100 Best Friend Tattoos To Immortalize Your Awesome Friendship

BFF, amigo, chum, or cohort - call ‘em as you like, as it won’t change the fact that your best friend is your closest ally or even a bona fide soulmate! Hopefully, you do have one of those, and if you do, chances are, you want to immortalize the union for times to come. For that, you could either do a time capsule, write an undying poem, or get yourselves a pair of tattoos for best friends! And if you were to ask us, the latter is the best choice, always. That’s why we’ve made this list full…

Roxanne Mattern