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Explore innovative and eco-friendly market garden ideas to grow your own fresh produce. Start your own garden and enjoy the benefits of homegrown fruits and vegetables.
The No-Till Market Garden, Sattin Hill Farm — No-Till Growers  (This is a growing trend that builds soil and improves crop quality.) Vegetable Farming, Vegetable Garden Design, Veggie Garden, Row Gardening, Survival Gardening, Farm Layout, Garden Layout, Fruit Garden, Garden Plants

Today, Joshua Sattin of Satting Hill Farm joins us on the podcast to talk about his first year as a no-till grower, producing on one-tenth of an acre. Follow Sattin Hill on Instagram: Our purpose is to bring you—the farmer—the best no-till growing content o

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There’s a garden overlooking the rolling hills of Litchfield County, Connecticut, that is literally scrumptious. At the estate called Highmeadows, rows of plantings spill over with succulent Fiero radicchio, Gigante degli Ortolani escarole, Diablo Brussels sprouts, and dozens of other vegetables planted to form a deep tapestry of color and texture. Purple basil flanks tomatoes, […]

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The most recent National Gardening Survey says, “More and more consumers are choosing not to dig holes in their leisure times. If they have the finances, they are investing in raised beds.” A raised bed is gardening soil, raised above the normal soil level, and contained by durable materials such as wood timbers, bricks or metal edging.

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