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Experience the enchantment of Disney's 'Make Mine Music' and immerse yourself in a world of captivating melodies. Explore the top songs and stories that will transport you to a musical adventure like no other.
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The visual development artists that worked at Disney Studios over the years pioneered all kinds of different styles for characters as well as for environments. Sometimes their artistic vision made it intact into the final film, other times their work provided only a subtle influence. One thing is for certain, the range of expression was huge. What you see here are images that are realistic and tonal, others are graphic and flat. They all try to set a mood or illustrate a particular…

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"Make Mine Music" (1946) | The Coolest Disney Movies You’ve Never Seen Disney, Disney Animation, Animation, Disney Art, Walt Disney, Disney Characters, Cartoon, Cel, Mowgli

What it's about: Another of Disney's short segmented films that they made during the war to keep people going to the theaters with limited resources, Make Mine Music includes sweet, if disjointed shorts, including performances from Dinah Shore, Benny Goodman and the Andrews Sisters.Why you haven't seen it: Though it came out on laserdisc in 1985, the whole film wasn't available on VHS and DVD until 2000. Prior to that, a few segments were released on their own as shorts.Why you should see…

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