Make ahead turkey gravy

Save time and stress on Thanksgiving with these mouthwatering make ahead turkey gravy recipes. Prepare your gravy in advance and enjoy a flavorful and stress-free holiday meal.
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Save yourself a bunch of time with this Make Ahead Turkey Gravy! Turkey wings, vegetables and herbs roast in the oven before cooking with wine and stock, creating a delicious base to this extremely flavorful homemade gravy. Can be made a few weeks in advance and kept in the freezer or as little 3 to 4 days if kept refrigerated. This recipe will yield 4 cups.

Linda Blier
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This Make Ahead Turkey Gravy is so easy and saves tons of time and stress on Thanksgiving Day! No more running around while the turkey gets cold, trying to skim fat and whisk out lumps while everyone stares at you because you misjudged your time and they are starving. (Oh, is this just me??)

Natalie Miller